The champcoin

What is the champcoin?

Being a digital world, today’s generation is getting digitalised too. and digital world is the essence of bitcoins and the champcoins. These currencies are also known as crypto currencies.

what is the champcoin (tcc)?

As i said the champcoins are cryptocurrencies and the master mind behind the champcoin is the same person who has taken steps to contribute in “Make in India” and “digital india” by way of champcash. champcash is an idea from which Mr. Mahesh verma wants to fight against poverty in india which was around 4.5 crore then and among them 1.5 lakh did suicide.
and the same person is now came up with the idea of the champcoin cryptocurrency as bitcoin.Though comparing with bitcoin is not justifiable as bitcoin has already existed itself in the market but according to  Mahesh verma champcoin will be the sure and certain the next cryptocurrency which will make its existence as well.

Life changing descission of Mahesh verma

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